Photo of Cesar Legoas
Cesar Legoas
Gerente de Operaciones

Background in accounting with experience in systems, sales, customer service

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Photo of Dominique Tosini
Dominique Tosini
Coordinador de Comunicación de Participación Juvenil
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Photo of Jesus Ugarelli
Jesus Ugarelli
Gerente de Tecnologías de Información

I am an enthusiastic of the use of IT for educational purposes. I have already got over 7 years of professional...

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Photo of Luis Tarazona
Luis Tarazona
Coordinador de Capacitación

Anthropologist, social manager, consultant entrepreneurship programs, environmental consultant partner,...

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Photo of Nicole Secker
Nicole Secker
Ayudante de Facilitación y Capacitación
Photo of Patricia Ochoa
Patricia Ochoa
Directora País

"Professional with over 17 years of experience in the design and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility...

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Photo of Pino Balarezo
Pino Balarezo
Coordinador del Hub
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